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9 to 5 Mac

New 'AnsweringMachine' Cydia release adds enhanced voicemail to iOS [Video]
9 to 5 Mac
Advanced Touch-Tone commands for requesting phone location, even if location services and Wi-Fi are disabled. You can also use advanced Touch-Tone commands to force a reboot or respring. Redirect all calls to AnsweringMachine when Do Not Disturb ...

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Cecil Whig

Off the Cuffs: Don't put it off, make the call
Cecil Whig
Then I came home one afternoon, Cuffs said, and there was a call on my answering machine from his daughter. She knew I was one of the few ... I think I'll take your advice, I told Cuffs, and make a few long overdue phone calls. Good idea, he ...

Huffington Post

Todd Rundgren / An Evening With Todd Rundgren Live At The Ridgefield
Huffington Post
Crap, you can have it in your iPad or your phone at this point. There are no creative barriers any longer. You don't have to try and get into anybody else's expensive ..... It's funny but one of the things if you want to connect my answer to that ...

Miami Herald

'Your dad was on the plane' A son's story from the day Comair Flight 5191 crashed
Miami Herald
I groaned a little as I reached for the phone, expecting the call to be something computer-related, but when I glanced at the screen with the name, I realized it was very unusual to get a call from Joyce on a Sunday morning. I cheerily ... Dad never ...

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3 stats that show chatbots are here to stay
49.4 percent would rather contact a business through messaging than phone. This statistic, when compared to ... It may have something to do with the age-old answering machine (To reach the marketing department, press 1). It may also have something ...


This audacious study will track 10000 New Yorkers' every move for 20 years
The multimillion-dollar initiative will use machine learning to find patterns in all that data. Patterns that could help us understand how obesity ... Recently I talked to Glimcher by phone. We discussed why he thinks this project is needed ... In 2014 ...


Laurence Reisman: Make pick in 2016 election mailer Hall of Shame
If you still have a home phone, you're tired of picking it up and hearing a recording tell you who to vote for. I usually let my answering machine pick up, but that didn't stop apparent robocall recordings from Joel Tyson and Brian Barefoot, council ...

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