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What's the Right Age for Your Kids to Get a Cell Phone?
Cordless phones were controversial because they always seemed to get lost in the house. You planned family events and trips in advance and then told others when you'd be home. You carried change with you in case you needed to use a pay phone.

A look back at our archives: 1975
At Neighbor Newspapers, we still have a Hot Line where you can ask us yours questions and we can work on answering them, but it's no longer a phone number and answering machine. Instead, we invite you to Tweet us @NeighborNews. And don't expect ...

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Profile: Author trades the fast pace of New York City with life in the Midwest
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
when the biggest connection he had to the outside world was when someone gave me a phone answering machine. But writing an honest memoir about a transformative time was not without its challenges. The weird thing about putting a book out is the ...

Niagara Gazette

ADAMCZYK: The best investment ever
Niagara Gazette
It was a story about call centers in India, whose employees play-act they are Internal Revenue Service investigators, that made me realize my telephone's answering machine, with a readout of the caller's phone number, has saved time, money and worry ...

The Spun (press release) (blog)

Former Clemson Star Vic Beasley Said Teammate Julio Jones Didn't Pick Up Phone After Title Game
The Spun (press release) (blog)
Vic Beasley's Clemson Tigers beat Julio Jones's Alabama Crimson Tide last night. After the game, Beasley says Jones wouldn't answer the phone. Last night's national championship ran very late, to the chagrin of many college football fans, but it didn't ...

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Most reported scams in 2016
She said, "Most people have caller IDs and if they don't have caller IDs they have an answering machine. If you don't recognize the phone number that's coming up even if you don't have the ID you have a phone number, if you don't recognize it don't ...

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Customer Storm Safety Tips Offered
Oakdale Leader
If you have a cordless phone or answering machine that requires electricity to work, have a standard telephone or cell phone ready as a backup. Keep your cell phone charged, and have a portable charging device handy. Freeze plastic containers filled ...

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