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Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

Phone scam strikes again
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
The man said he received a call from a person who he thought was his granddaughter. He said the person on the phone sounded like her and even had the same voice mannerisms. The man said his "granddaughter" told him she had been in an accident and ...


A case of the Mondays
I was nearly overwhelmed the second I got inside. The phone was ringing off the hook, the answering machine was blinking, and cars were pulling into the lot. I answered the phone and took an order. I looked around for my co-worker. No one had seen him, ...

Sun Sentinel

Robocall rage: How to stop those endless, annoying phone calls
Sun Sentinel
In the last two weeks, I've received at least 15 robocalls those invasive and unwelcome sales solicitations on my cell phone. That's not counting the umpteen calls with an unavailable number that give our home phone and answering machine a ...

AG Week

Wrong number in catalog leads to confusing calls for semen
AG Week
So ... our outgoing answering machine message that breeding season went something like this: "Hi! If you're calling to order bull semen, please call [phone number] to reach [sales rep] with [semen broker]. If you're calling for one of the Taits, please ...


KARE 11 Investigates: Congress presses VA to fix phones
Tim Walz (D-MN) told KARE 11. We're going to find out why you can't at least have an answering machine. KARE 11 reported how Air Force veteran Bob Morris of Avon, Minnesota had called a VA 800 number earlier this month. The phone's ringing, and the ...

Cobleskill village clerk back in hot seat
Times Journal
... software system sent out bills riddled with errors, which her office has had to go in and correct manuallywhen they're not addressing complaints and questions about the bills left on their answering machine because they're too busy to answer the ...

QC committees to talk about new phone, internet system Tuesday
Pine Bluff Commercial
A cloud phone system means that data is stored in a secure server that can be reached over the internet. A cloud phone system replaces traditional land lines and is usually hosted by a third party provider. Instead of an answering machine tape, phone ...

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